2010 BCCE: CWCS Symposium

image: wikimedia.org

CWCS Workshop alumni made presentations on their workshop experiences and their initiatives to incorporate materials from the workshop into their teaching. We had a busy schedule, with Forensic Science and Chemistry and Art mini workshops before and after the symposium.


03 Aug '10 to 04 Aug '10






University of North Texas




Conference Presentations

  • David M. Collard Georgia Institute of technology

    In the period 2001-2010, CWCS organized 103 workshops at 31 consortium institutions on 25 different topics for > 1200 participating faculty members. We suggest that the attendees in CWCS workshops represent a large pool of potential participants in multifaceted communities of scholars....

  • Patricia Hill Millersville University

    Typically chemistry classes provide few opportunities to address issues of cultural diversity. However, in courses that combine the study of science and art, diverse cultural heritages can be examined from both perspectives giving students a better understanding of the meaning of being human....