2010 Spring National ACS Meeting, San Francisco: CWCS Symposium

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CWCS workshop program alumni made a series of presentations at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society on March 21, 2010 in San Francisco. The focus of the presentations was how the speakers have incorporated materials from the workshop into their own teaching. The session began with a brief overview of the CWCS by Cianan Russell. This was followed by two presentations (available below) by alumni of CWCS Forensic Science workshops led by Larry Kaplan at Williams College: M. Scott Goodman (Buffalo State) and Maria Schiza (Millerville University). The remainder of the presentations focused on other CWCS workshops.


21 Mar '10 to 25 Mar '10


San Francisco







Conference Presentations

  • Gaquere-Parker, A. Univeristy of West Georgia

    In 2006, the author participated in the NSF Workshop: Chemistry in Art for the expressed purposed of implementing art related examples in chemistry courses. The following year, utilizing resource material from the workshop and acquired through literature search the author proposed, created and...