2012 cCWCS Chemistry in Art (Advanced) Workshop


This workshop is designed for participants with prior experience teaching at the interface of chemistry and art. It is open to previous participants of the introductory cCWCS workshop in Chemistry in Art, and to others. This workshop will give participants hands-on experience in the study of various types of works of art and artifacts by modern analytical methods used by conservation scientists and museum curators. Participants will prepare and analyze samples from paintings, textiles, photographs, and objects made of metal, glass, ceramic, and polymers. Analytical techniques will include IR, Raman, UV/Vis spectroscopy, optical microscopy, XRF, and chromatography. Specific analytical techniques used and objects studied will depend in part on participant needs and desires. Participants will also tour local conservation laboratories and museums. Ethical issues involved in the conservation, restoration and preservation of art and artifacts will be emphasized throughout the workshop.

Instructors: Patricia Hill (Millersvlle University), Anthony Lagalante (Villanova University), Amanda Norbutus (University of Delaware) and Nathan Bower (Colorado College).


image: East-West Center, flickr


06 Jun '12 to 11 Jun '12






Villanova University