Integration of CWCS Workshop Material into the Chemistry Curriculum at Newberry College


Christina McCartha

Author Affiliation: 

Newberry College




The integration of material from five CWCS workshops at a 4 year liberal arts college of 900 students will be presented. From the grant sessions provided at these workshops, 2 NSF grants have been submitted, one of which has been funded and the other pending. A new forensic science concentration within the chemistry major was developed with course content for the introductory course provided by the workshop “Forensic Science”. A new course, Environmental Chemistry, was developed after the CWCS workshop, “Environmental Chemistry”. The curriculum from the “Supporting Student Laboratory Learning” has been incorporated into the general chemistry laboratory. The curriculum from the “Teaching Guided-Inquiry Organic Chemistry Labs” was used in Organic Spectral Analysis. Concepts from this workshop are currently being integrated into the Organic Chemistry curriculum. Information provided about PLTL was incorporated into an NSF grant. Ideas from the “Chemistry of Art” workshop have been integrated into Organic Chemistry laboratories. In addition, CWCS workshop material has been incorporated into outreach activities including summer camps for rising 9th graders and super Saturday events for high school students.